Not Your Everyday Martial Art...

Well, what is capoeira?

Simply put its a Brazilian martial art, developed centuries ago by slaves, but that's the short version...

It involves unique movements, live music, important songs and a deep traditional history in its practice. To a passerby, it would be easier to mistake it for a dance or performance. In reality those practicing are attacking and escaping with kicks and dodges in a fluid call and response...

I discovered the martial art for myself in the beginning of 2008. I first saw it being performed outside and was mesmerized by the fluid movements and rhythmic music. I decided to try it out and have been hooked ever since!

This site is designed to explore the many aspects of this unique art and introduce you to them. Everyday I learn something new about it's movements, history, music, songs, etc. As I learn I hope to pass along what I experience and make this a resource for both beginners and experienced capoeiristas alike.

Feel free to start exploring some of the interesting topics below!

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What is Capoeira?
What is Capoeira? It is a martial art whose history and culture set it apart from all others...
How to Learn Capoeira!
Tips to start to learn capoeira here!
Basic Capoeira Techniques, Bimba's Sequences!
Learn the basics of capoeira techniques with Bimba's sequences!
Capoeira Moves, Capoeira Techniques and Tips for Learning!
Capoeira is a martial art with many unique and fascinating movements. Learn the diversity of these capoeira moves here...
Capoeira Music, Capoeira Lyrics and Capoeira Information!
Capoeira music is an essential part of the art of capoeira. Learn about its purpose, elements and where you can find it here...
Capoeira Instruments that Really Set the Tone
Capoeira instruments really define the uniqueness of capoeira. Learn about all the different types and why they are so important to the art...
Capoeira Clothes, for Increased Comfort and Performance
It’s easy to over look the clothes required to play capoeira when getting started. However capoeira clothes make training and playing capoeira easier and more comfortable...
Capoeira Events, An Introduction
Learn to make the most out of capoeira events here!
Your Best Capoeira Pictures!
Share your best capoeira pictures and see other awesome submissions!
Capoeira Video Clips, Beautiful Capoeira Videos Organized by Type!
Watch amazing capoeira video clips including various styles, groups and mestres...
Capoeira Fitness , Stay in Shape and Prevent Injuries!
By using proper capoeira fitness techniques, you can prevent injuries and keep your body in top shape...
Capoeira Masters, Keepers of Capoeira
Capoeira masters are essential to teaching capoeira and preserving its traditions. Learn about them and their importance here...
Experience the Capoeira Martial Art from the Players Themselves!
To understand the capoeira martial art experience, check out the experience of these bloggers!
Streaming Capoeira Songs!
Listen to capoeira songs online here!
About Me, Introduction to Capoeira
Learn about me, the creator of Start-Playing-Capoeira, and how I entered the world of capoeira.
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