Capoeira Video Clips

It's one thing to read about capoeira, it's another to watch it!

Capoeira video clips, capoeira clips and seeing videos capoeira really illustrate the art in real time. With them you can see all the movements, instruments and history in action.

Below I've included a number of great videos that show capoeira in it's natural form. Enjoy!


The most beautiful capoeira games to watch are those played by skilled capoeira masters or mestres. They've spent decades perfecting their art and it's seen in each game they play. Look below for capoeira videos of them in action!


Within capoeira, there are a few key styles. There are constant arguments as to their classification, but those of capoeira regional, capoeira angola and capoeira contemporanea are the major styles that most agree on.

Below are a number of capoeira clips showing the uniqueness of each style...




There are a huge number of different capoeira groups worldwide, easily hundreds of them. Each group has it's own focus and unique individual style within capoeira. This is what gives it so much diversity!

Below are videos from different groups, including my favorite, Cordão de Ouro!

Cordão de Ouro


These are a collection of capoeira related videos, that aren't specific rodas or demonstrations. They are interesting and give a look of capoeira in another perspective.

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