Capoeira Video Clips
Mestre Pastinha

This is an amazing capoeira video clips showing Mestre Pastinha demonstrating movements and playing in a roda!

Pastinha is considered the father of modern day capoeira angola. Being able to actually see his movements really puts perspective on the style and is really fun to watch. Footage like this is rare due to the lack of filming of capoeiristas at the time. So this video should be a treat to any capoeiristas who want to see the foundation of what exists today.

In the video taken in 1950, the mestre is shown at first doing a quick demonstration of some basic movements such as ginga and chapa de frente. What stood out to me is how unique his ginga was. I've never seen any others ginga like that.

From there it moves into the capoeira roda with Pastinha playing in various games. The only drawback is that there's no sound in the clip. However it is still very fun to watch and learn from.


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