Capoeira Clothes

Example of capoeira clothes and capoeira unifromIt’s easy to overlook the importance of proper capoeira clothes when you start training.

I just started with a basic t shirt and jogging pants.

It wasn’t until I needed to wear a uniform for training that I realized the difference the right clothes made. They increased my comfort and performance while training and playing.

Capoeira Uniform

While it’s unique to each academy and teacher’s preference, there are general standards for a proper capoeira uniform. These generally are white capoeira pants called abadas and a white shirt with the academy’s logo.

This uniform originated from Metre Bimba. He instituted white capoeira uniforms in his academy to present an image of respect, discipline and order within capoeira. He did this to overcome the then existing stereotype of capoeira being only for gangs and street usage.

Within some capoeira Angola groups, the uniform is a little stricter. Here players have to tuck their shirts into their pants and wear shoes while training or playing.

Thus it’s very important to know the uniform requirements of the mestre or instructor you train with. However when it comes to clothing for capoeira, it’s easy to break it down into a few simple options…

Types of Capoeira Clothing

There are a couple of key components in proper capoeira clothing. They basically break down to shirts, pants and shoes. Each of these has a lot of different options, especially depending on the requirements of where you train.

Read below for more information on each type and advice on what to wear.

  • Shirts - There’s a huge variety of shirts available. Learn some of the common types and their uses.
  • Pants - Capoeira pants are really designed for training and playing. Learn more about them here.
  • Shoes - When playing on rough surfaces, shoes are a must. Learn tips for getting good shoes.
  • Kids Capoeira Clothing - A lot of kids play capoeira, but they need special sized clothes to fit. Learn more about these clothes and where to get them.

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