Kids Capoeira Clothes

Capoeira is an excellent martial art for kids. However without the right kids capoeira clothes, they won’t enjoy the classes or worse, they’ll want to stop learning.

This makes getting the proper clothing important for success and experience in capoeira!

The key points to keep in mind are the sizing, design and where to buy the clothing. I’ve included some tips on each to help inform you when making your decision…

Clothes Sizing

How to get proper kids capoeira clothesThe most important consideration in getting kids capoeira clothes is sizing. There aren’t as many options for kids as there are for teens and adults in capoeira.To help with this, here are a couple of tips when getting kids clothes:

  • Kid sized – This is obvious, but the first step is to get clothes that are kid sized. Normally capoeira clothes for kids are made specifically in a generic kid size. This is a good place to start, however one size may not fit all.
  • Try them on – Since kid sized clothing may not fit, it’s essential that the kids try them on first. A lot of times there may be height differences and trying them on will let you see if the clothes truly fit.
  • Get length & waist – If buying clothes online, make sure you know the length and waists for pants and shirt size. This way if you can’t actually try them on, you can be pretty confident they’ll fit when delivered.

Sizing is essential to having clothes that not only fit comfortably, but also allow the kids to train comfortably. Thus they must have a good range of motion and freedom in the clothes.

Moving on to the look of the clothes…


The design can be really important to kids, especially if they pick designs they like and use to express themselves with.

However some schools enforce the strictly white capoeira uniforms for kids as well as adults. In this case it’s best to talk with the school instructor or mestre for their specific rules for capoeira uniform.

If designs are allowed in the uniform, there are a wide range to choose from. I t really all depends on where you get your clothes…

Where to buy

There are a few good options for buying kids capoeira clothes.

  • At academy – The first place to go to get kids capoeira uniforms is the academy you train at. This usually is the easiest option since you would normally go there for training.
  • Conferences/events – Another option is getting clothes at capoeira gatherings or events. At all events I’ve been to, there have been a wide variety of clothes for sale from different vendors. This option offers more variety then the kids’ clothes from your academy. However, events happen during a limited time, so if you find something you like be sure to get it while you can.
  • Online – Online really offers the best mix of variety and are available as long as they’re in stock. There are a lot of vendors that offer good kids clothes. Virtual Capoeira offers kids pants, shirts and even instruments. Check it out here!

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