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Experience the Capoeira Martial Art from the Players Themselves!

To understand the capoeira martial art experience, check out the experience of these bloggers!

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Your Best Capoeira Pictures!

Share your best capoeira pictures and see other awesome submissions!

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Streaming Capoeira Songs!

Listen to capoeira songs online here!

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Basic Capoeira Techniques, Bimba's Sequences!

Learn the basics of capoeira techniques with Bimba's sequences!

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Capoeira Event, Simple Tips for Success!

Know what to do the day of your capoeira event with these tips!

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Capoeira Events, An Introduction

Learn to make the most out of capoeira events here!

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Involved in Events!


It's been a busy month full of capoeira this past November. I attended two great capoeira events here in LA! Me taking a rasteria in the roda

The first was Festival Sem Dendè Não Vou Jogarhosted by Cordão de Ouro Los Angeles, the group I currently train with. It was a 3-day event with many great workshops, rodas and guests. On the Saturday of the event, I was training in workshops and playing in rodas for a good 8 hours. Not only did I learn a lot, I met a lot of great capoeiristas at it!

The second event was Zumbi Day, an event held by Mestre Amen of Capoiera Batuque. Some friends and I attended and enjoyed some amazing maculele, afro-dance, samba and capoeira workshops. After, we relaxed in a 3 and a half hour roda! Needless to say it was extremely fun and tiring.

Events are great for really putting all of the training we do in the academy into perspective. They put our skills to the test and allow us to get a fuller picture of the capoeira community at large.

Keep an eye out for events near you and be sure to go!

Capoeira Event

Hey all!

Lately I've been training a lot for an upcoming capoeira I'm attending in LA with the new group I'm training with. It'll be my first event I've been to this year!

I'm really excited and happy with the way my game is coming along. It's a great motivation to meet and play with other capoeiristas. I'm definitely looking forward to the workshops and rodas.

I'll take some pictures and give an update after the event. I've included a link with the flier. If you in the LA area this weekend, check it out, it's going to be great!


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Capoeira Movie Clips, Contra Mestres Denis & Chicote

This is a great capoeira movie clip with two great Contra Mestres, Denis and Chicote!

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Capoeira Movie Clips, Contra Mestre Chicote

This is a awesome capoeira movie clip of Contra Mestre Chicote playing many beautiful games!

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