Capoeira Movie Clips
Contra Mestres
Denis & Chicote

This is a great capoeira movie clip with two great Contra Mestres, Denis and Chicote!

Contra Mestres Denis and Chicote are both from the group Cordão de Ouro, created by Mestre Suassuna back in 1967. Denis and Chicote helped to spread Cordão de Ouro in the United States with Denis settling in the midwest and Chicote founding other academies. Because of their efforts I had the opportunity to start capoeira myself!

This is a beautiful clip showing the control and precision of CM Denis and CM Chicote. I personally love the fluid play of the game. They make playing capoeira look so simple and the most difficult movements seem effortless. This is the result of years of practice and gives motivation to keep training.

Enjoy the game!