Start to Learn Capoeira!

Starting to learn capoeira can seem pretty daunting at first. Where do you go? What do you do? How can you possibly do any of the movements you've seen?

However, as with everything else in life, you just have to start at the beginning, taking everything step-by-step. This is a brief guide to start you on your journey in the world of capoeira.

Finding an Instructor

Your first major step to learning capoeira is to find a great instructor. I've heard of people trying to learn capoeira by themselves by watching videos. That won't cut it. If you really want to learn, you need a good instructor.

Tips to learn capoeiraA good capoeira instructor will introduce you to all the elements of capoeira, not just the movements alone. For me this was what lured me deeper into capoeira, all of the history, music and mystery.

To find an instructor, a good starting point is to do an internet search for capoeira in your area. If you live in a major city, there's a pretty good chance you'll have an abundance of capoeira in your area. . It includes locations of instructors all over the world.

If you make this your first goal, one way or another, you'll find a good instructor. From there, it's time to start learning!

Starting Training

Now that you have an instructor and place to start learning capoeira, it's essential that you start on the right foot. As a beginner, you want to be in the best position to learn as much as possible. Here are some tips to starting right:

  • Respect – Every instructor has their own rules and customs so it's important to respect them when in class. Since you're starting to build a relationship with capoeira and the instructor, respect will go a long way to building a strong foundation.
  • Remain open minded – In starting capoeira, there will be a lot of information thrown at you. My first day I could barely grasp some movements, let alone remember their Portuguese names. Just keep an open mind to everything you're being exposed to. I promise it will all start to make sense!
  • Train regularly – If you really want to learn capoeira, it's essential to train regularly. Now this doesn't necessarily mean 6 nights a week, but going once a month won't cut it. By attending capoeira classes regularly both your body and mind will get adjusted quicker and you can start to actually build on your experience.
  • Training beyond class – Learning capoeira doesn't just stop outside of class, it's an ongoing experience. At home you can watch capoeira video clips , listen to some capoeira music , practice singing capoeira lyrics or play some instruments . By practicing on your own time, it only increases how much you learn in class and really immerses you in the world of capoeira.

Starting to learn capoeira really isn't as hard as it may seem. You just have to find a place to train and start training. Hopefully these tips helped to remove any doubt holding you back from starting. Just take it a step at a time and next thing you know, you'll be in the roda!

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