Capoeira Techniques: Bimba's Sequences

Now that you know a bunch of moves, what do you do with them?

Basic capoeira techniques like Bimba's sequences were created to teach new capoeirstas how to combine movements to play capoeira. Using just these sequences, beginners can start playing capoeira in the roda and learn the call and response of the game.

This page provides a brief history and example of Bimba's sequences!


Famous capoeira master, Mestre BimbaMestre Bimba was instrumental in rescuing capoeira from its lowered status in Brazil in the 1930s through the creation of the first capoeira academy. In an effort to create structure and teach capoeira to his students, he created his famous 8 sequences.

These sequences were designed to help new students to learn how to combine movements, respond to their partner and feel comfortable playing capoeira. In his academy, students would train these sequences for months before being allowed to step foot in the roda.

Luckily for us, we can step in a little sooner :)

However these sequences can be essential for feeling comfortable and prepared to play your first games. Below is an example of the sequences!


A picture is worth a thousand words, so a movie is worth millions!

This video provides a look at all 8 sequences in action with both partners. Each sequence starts with a list of the movements performed by each player.

To really learn these sequences, you need a lot of practice with an instructor. This video won't help you with that. However if you need more direction or need to be a little bit more familiar with the movements, this will help a lot.


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