Capoeira Songs
Listen and Buy!

Capoeira songs are an extremely important and rich element in the art of capoeira. Their lyrics cover everything from historical references to tips while playing in the roda. The songs also set the tone for playing in the roda and are beautiful to listen to!

Below is a way you can listen to some great songs streaming online. This is a great resource whether you want to learn or just want to enjoy some good capoeira music !

Streaming Songs

This player is loaded with some awesome capoeira music. They range from those played in the roda to songs which are beautiful compositions using capoeira instruments . If you're interested in hearing more, get in touch on my contact me page and I'll update the player with other songs.


Want to actually download and have these songs for yourself?

Look below for how to do it!

Buying Capoeira Music

While hearing songs online is fun, you have a lot more freedom actually having the songs as CDs or MP3s. Here are a couple of options for getting the music yourself:

  • Virtual Capoeira Store – This website offers a wide selection of capoeira CDs and MP3s. The best part is you can preview them before ordering. I definitely recommend anything by Mestre Suassuna or Mestre Acordeon.
  • Amazon MP3 Selection – This site offers a massive list of capoeira MP3 s by various artists. It's not as organized as the virtual capoeira store, however the price per MP3 is cheaper and there's a huge selection.

Songs in capoeira are both essential and beautiful. Use these resources anytime you're looking to expand your collection or just listen to beautiful songs while online!

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