Capoeira Event Success with Simple Tips!

Capoeira Event packed with CapoeiristasIt's time!

Today's the capoeira event you've been preparing so much for. You've trained intensely, asked a lot of questions and been excited. Now on the day of the event what do you do?

This page will provide some simple tips to make your experience at your event much more valuable and enjoyable!

Tips for Day of Event

At my first couple capoeira events I was overwhelmed with everything going on. Thankfully I had a lot of advanced students to help me out and give advice to make the most out of the day.

Here are some simple, but very useful tips to keep in mind the day of an event.

  • Meet People – A capoeira event can be filled with people you don't know. This is a great opportunity to meet other capoeiristas. As you go to more events these networks build into a family of friends at every event you go to.
  • Push Yourself in Workshops – It's easy to sit out or not give your all in workshops. Don't! Capoeira workshops provide a great opportunity to learn something new and expand your comfort with capoeira. Push yourself to get the most from each.
  • Take Notes – This piece of advice has been so useful to me. Take notes of the sequences and movements you trained in each workshop. Once you have them written, you can always review and train them later. This is how you expand your personal range of movements.
  • Bring Snacks – Food and snacks are essential during events. Frequently you'll have a bunch of workshops back to back with small breaks between. To keep your energy up and hunger down, bring some fruits, juices, water and other snacks to keep charged for the event.
  • Buy Gear – During breaks, take time to check out the gear for sale at events. Here you can find some nice capoeira clothes, instruments and music. If you've always wanted to learn to play the berimbau, here's your chance to buy one and learn!
  • Play in Roda – This can be intimidating and hard to do, but playing in rodas at events is the ultimate learning experience. You have to opportunity to play others with a wide range of styles and skill levels. Put everything you trained into action and clearly see your strengths and weaknesses!

A capoeira event is an exciting and fun experience. It always reminds me why I train so hard and shows me that capoeira is so much bigger than just my academy. If you take little steps to be prepared, every event will be an amazing opportunity for your growth. Enjoy!

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