Capoeira Movie Clips
Contra Meste Chicote

This is a awesome capoeira movie clip of Contra Mestre Chicote playing many beautiful games!

Chicote is a Contra Mestre in Cordão de Ouro, a capoeira group created by Mestre Suassuna back in 1967. Chicote has made a big impact in establishing Cordão de Ouro in the States by helping to found groups in California, Iowa and Illinois (where I started :) After creating groups in the US, he moved to Paris in 2005 where he currently has a flourishing group.

In this clip, there is a showcase of several games played by Chicote in Minas Gerais, Brazil. I really like this movie because of the range of capoeira styles and levels. It shows everything from a slower paced, simple game with a youth, to a very tight game of miudinho.

It's a 10 minute long clip, so sit back, relax and watch some great capoeira!