Capoeira Pants

In addition to the shirts, the other half of the capoeira uniform is the capoeira pants the players train in.

It’s essential to have the right type of pants so you can not only train in comfort, but also have the flexibility to perform all the movements.

Here’s some insight into what I’ve learned about the right pants used for training and how to take care of them…


The type of pants used in capoeira can be divided into two major categories: workout pants and abadas. Each type is appropriate for different situations and has a different feel while playing capoeira. I’ll briefly mention the two below.

  • Workout Pants – Workout pants are a generic term for bottoms like sweat pants and joggers. They are generally loose and comfortable.

    These are what beginners should wear when trying capoeira for the first time. They also may be used for more informal capoeira classes or workshops at events.

  • Typical capoeira pants called abadas

  • Abadas – These are the official pants used in a capoeira uniform. They are all white and made with a somewhat stretchy material. They are perfect for playing capoeira in that they provide the freedom and flexibility to perform all the complex movements.

    Additionally these pants normally have a logo on them, usually with the capoeira group you train in.

While I prefer training with abadas, they do have one down side…

Keeping them clean!


The abadas can generally be a pain in the butt to keep clean, especially when you train a lot and perform a lot of ground movements. These are some tips I’ve learned to keep them as clean as possible.

  • Use a Towel – While training, it’s easy to get sweaty and need to dry your hands off on something. For me, my first instinct was always my pants. However after touching the ground all the time, they’d get dirty fast.

    This is where I learned to use a towel. A towel lets you dry off and clean your hands, keeping your pants clean and dry.

  • Don’t Sit on Your Butt – This seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget while training. Sitting on your butt will get you the signature dirt prints on the back of your pants. When training, none of the movements require sitting on your butt, so try to stay off it!
  • Wash Only with Whites – It’s very important to wash and dry the capoeira trouser with other white clothing only. I’ve seen more than a couple of capoeiristas with unintentionally tinted pants. Also don’t dry them too hot, otherwise they may shrink on you.

Where to buy

  • At academy – The first place I’d go to get a capoeira pants is the academy I train at. This usually is the easiest option since you would normally go there for training. Also they should have pants with the group’s logo making it perfect for training and shows.
  • Conferences/events – Another option is getting pants at capoeira gatherings or events. At all events I’ve been to there have been a lot of pants for sale from different people. This option offers more variety than pants from your academy. However, events happen during a limited time, so if you find something you like be sure to get it while you can.

  • Online – Online really offers the best mix of variety and are available as long as they’re in stock. There are a lot of vendors that offer good capoeira pants. Virtual Capoeira is a vendor with a wide range of pants, from plain abadas to sleek workout pants. Check them out here!

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