MMA Capoeira Fight

This is a recent clip showing an MMA capoeira fight, with capoeira being used effectively!

There is normally a lot of argument around the effectiveness of capoeira in a mixed martial art (MMA) fight. Some people complain that capoeira is just for show and doesn't have any effective movements. Other defend that capoeira is very effective when used properly. Still others say a lot is based on the fighters and their skill levels.

Personally I don't even bother, since it's pointless to say what works and what doesn't. However videos of its effective use are fun to watch since they give a glimpse of the power behind some movements in capoeira.

In this video Marcus Aurelio from AXE Capoeira of Vancouver uses capoeira in an MMA fight in the North American Challenge #24 in North Vancouver, BC. I won't spoil the video, but take note of his two meia-lua-de-compassos. They are really powerful kicks!


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