Capoeira Video Clips - Mestres Cobra Mansa and Espirrio Mirim

This is one of the awesome capoeira video clips of a great game with Mestre Cobra Mansa and Mestre Espirrio Mirim.

Cobra Mansa, or Cobrinha Mansa is a master of capoeira angola style in the group FICA. Mestre Espirrio Mirim is a master in the group Cordão de Ouro. Both are amazing capoeiristas.

In this clip filmed in 1995, both mestres are playing in a roda at an event in California. Even though both are from different groups and focus in different styles, the game flows beautifully and can only be described as a capoeira game, not a specific style.

What I like the most about this clip is the expression and interaction between both mestres. Even though they're using intense movements and dangerous attacks, they're both really loose and enjoying the game. It has an atmosphere of competitive fun.

Enjoy the clip!

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