Capoeira Movie Clips -

Capoeira movie clips like this provide a glimpse into the world and beauty of capoeira...

There are many different aspects within capoeira such as the music, the style of game and the movements. In a demonstration like this clip shows, all of these aspects are shown together in a whole that gives a introduction to the world of capoeira.

This clip begins with a capoeirista playing the berimbau while two others begin playing a game of angola style capoeira. Angola is a slower, closer to the ground and more calculated style of capoeira. About mid-way, the movie shifts into a more regional oriented game. Regional is more stand up, with straight forward kicks, escapes and is faster. From there the clip goes into a showcase of players performing specific capoeira movements and sequences.

This is a good clip to get a look at the overall flavor of capoeira and just fun to watch!


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