Capoeira Video Clips - Mestres Joao Grande and Joao Pequeno Clip

In another of great capoeira video clips, this shows a great roda with the two famous mestres, Mestre Joao Grande and Mestre Joao Pequeno!

Both mestres were students under the famous Mestre Pastinha, the father of modern day capoeira angola. They took what they learned from Pastinha and helped to spread this style of capoeira around the world.

In this video taken in 1968, the mestres Joao Grande and Joao Pequeno are playing a fast paced game of capoeira angola. Many are under the assumption that angola is a slow style, but this video proves otherwise.

This game was an inspiration to for the creation of Mestre Suassuna's game of miudinho. Miudinho builds on the fast and close play of the game in this video. Watch it for yourself and compare it to the videos of miudinho!


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