Capoeira Video Clips - Contra Mestres Xuxo and Chiquinho

This is one of the capoeira video clips showing a beautiful game of capoeira angola.

The style of capoeira angola is usually characterized by a slower pace, closer movements and staying near the ground during the game. This video clip illustrates these details really well. However, a slower pace isn't always a characteristic of angola as seen in old footage of a game between Mestre Joao Grande and Mestre Joao Pequeno .

The two playing in this clip are Contra Mestre Chiquinho (white shirt) of Grupo Senzala and Contra Mestre Xuxo (green shirt) of Cordão de Ouro. The video shows a beautiful example of a great angola roda with smooth movements and a great conversation between the players.

Also notice the angola bateria in the background with three berimbaus, which is a common sign for an angola roda.

Enjoy the clip!

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