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CM Denis and Prof Piolho

This is one of my favorite capoeira video clips showing the close and quick game of miudinho!

The game of miudinho was created by Mestre Suassuna, founder of Cordão de Ouro. Miudinho means very tiny, and therefore is a game where the players play very close to each other and near the floor. This game was inspired by older capoeira games where players played very close to each other. An example of this is a game between Mestre Joao Grande and Mestre Joao Pequeno .

In this short clip, my mestre, Contra Mestre Denis (black shirt) and Professor Piolho (white shirt) are seen playing the game of miudinho. You can see the close, fast play of the game. I personally love how fluid the game is.

Also notice the rhythm of miudinho played on the berimbau with no one clapping or singing. These are other signs of the game of miudinho being played.

Enjoy the clip!

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