Capoeira Clips
Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro

This is one of the unique capoeira clips, showing capoeira fighters Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro from Tekken!

The Tekken video game series is a popular collection of fighting games. The games include a number of characters who use different martial art fighting styles. Eddy and Christie are Brazilian characters in Tekken who specializes in the art of capoeira and uses its techniques as capoeira fighters.

Both characters have introduced capoeira to a wide range of young generation video game players. Most people my age are familiar with capoeira due to Eddy. I often get called him when performing movements... go figure!

In this video below, there is a showcase of Eddy and Christie in Tekken 5 performing various movements. You can them them performing armadas, chapas, bencaos, aus and other common movements. See if you can spot and name the movements yourself!


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