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Mestre Suassuna

This is one of my personal favorite capoeira clips showing Mestre Suassuna playing in the roda with a machete and a razor!

Mestre Suassuna is a famous capoeirista, trained in both Angola and Regional styles of capoeira. He created the group Cordão de Ouro in 1967, which is the group I train with! He's known internationally for his contributions to the world of capoeira including his excellent music and game of miudinho. This clip is not only special because it shows a good game of a famous mestre. What makes this stand out over other capoeira clips is Mestre Suassuna's use of a machete and razor blade while playing in the roda!

At about 30 seconds into the video, you can identify Mestre Suassuna as the player carrying the large machete and then performing a lot of tricks with it. Occasionally in the video you see the mestre adjusting something by his feet. He actually has a razor blade between his toes which he uses in all of his kicks. Basically if the other player doesn't dodge, he'd get sliced with a kick!

Clips like this just increase my respect for amazing capoeiristas like Mestre Suassuna. Their level of skill is unbelievable.


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