Capoeira Instruments - Reco-Reco

Out of all capoeira instruments used in the roda, the reco-reco is one I’ve seen the least. So far I’ve seen it used only couple of times, and those were during a capoeira Angola roda.

It produces a unique scraping sound that adds another dimension to the already unique sound of a roda.

This is what I’ve learned so far about this little scraper…

History of the Reco Reco

Reco-Reco, the scraper instrument in capoeiraI originally thought this capoeira instrument was a strictly Brazilian since I never heard about it until I started capoeira. I found out I was wrong as I started to learn more.

The reco reco or güiro has its history in the Caribbean, especially in Puerto Rico. It was believed to be used by the Taino and Arawak peoples who inhabited the Caribbean and South America.

Because of this history, it’s used in more than just capoeira. It’s also used in a lot of Caribbean music, samba and local religious ceremonies. Within capoeira itself though, it’s used to complement the other instruments in the roda.

Parts / How to Play

The reco-reco has two major components to it, the scraper and the güiro itself.

Parts of the reco-reco instrument

  • Güiro – This is the instrument with notches that the scraper rubs against to produce the sound. It can be made from wood with the notches carved in it, or metal with springs.
  • Scraper – The scraper is simply a stick or rod used to rub against the groves of the instrument.

There is some variety to playing this instrument. This comes from the direction of the scrape, the speed at which you do it and the lengths of the scrapes.

As I get more experience in playing this instrument, I'll update this page as I learn!

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