Capoeira MP3

Having a capoeira mp3 collection is not only helpful in learning more about capoeira but also can increase your enjoyment of the art. This page aims to help you make the most out of them and shows where to get them easily and legally!

Uses for MP3s

Having mp3s of capoeira music is extremely useful, especially for beginners. These are just some of the main benefits from having them in your collection.

    A capoeira mp3 collection on IPOD
  • Learning songs – Learning songs is much easier with your own music. I'll play a song I want to learn and repeat it over and over again until I can sing the song myself. It's definitely easier than having to ask your mestre to repeat it over and over ;)
  • Learning instruments – MP3 capoeira music also makes it much easier to learn to play the instruments, especially the berimbau. You can repeat a piece over and over until you can hear and mimic a rhythm or melody yourself.
  • Training – With your own capoeira music, you have the freedom to train on your own time where you want to. Sometimes it's not always possible to train in the academy as often as you'd like, thus having your own music you can practice yourself.
  • Enjoyment – Last, but definitely not least, it's great to listen to music just to enjoy it. It's a lot of fun to enjoy the music without having to train or learn something. In this way you can appreciate the art for what it is.

Where to find MP3s

There are a lot of options to find capoeira mp3s both legally and illegally on the internet. Personally I prefer to pay for my music since it gives value to those who make it and will keep me out of trouble ;)

My favorite place to buy and download capoeira music is Amazon. It's fast and easy to use. Here is a link to Amazon's store with its capoeira mp3 collection. If it's your first time getting capoeira music and have no idea where to start, don't worry! I highly recommend getting Mestre Suassuna's first capoeira CD. It's an amazing disc that covers a lot of different songs and toques. It's excellent for learning berimbau rhythms and songs.

Below is a player from amazon with samples of this CD. Every capoeirista I've talked to loves it! Check it out for yourself!

Having your own capoeira music collection makes learning and enjoying capoeira faster and easier. Keep an ear open for new sounds to add!

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