Capoeira Takedowns

A lot of people think there is no contact while playing capoeira.

They are wrong!

Capoeira takedowns are an example of movements where it’s necessary to touch the other player in order to knock them down.

These movements should only be used with practice and skill, meaning you better know what you’re doing. If not, you have a really good chance of seriously hurting yourself or the other person.

Here are some of the common takedowns…

Rasteira (Ha-ster-a)

The rasteira is very common takedown within capoeira. It is used a lot as a response to kicks, where the player will use the rasteira to sweep out their opponent’s open leg. Two major variations of it include performing it standing and performing it close to the ground. The following videos show both.

Vingativa (Vin-ga-tiva)

This is a very useful takedown in capoeira. It’s used to knock the other player off balance after a kick, or from ginga position. I’ve seen it used a lot in roda on people who let their guard down or weren’t paying close attention.

Tesoura de costas (Te-sou-ha ge cos-tas)

The tesoura is a takedown preformed from or close to the ground. Literally, tesoura means scissors, which the player does with their legs around the other to twist them to the ground.

Negativa Regional (Neg-a-tiva He-sho-nal)

This is the negativa used in Regional style. It can be used as a takedown. The player drops to crouch on one leg, leans close to the ground and outstretches the other leg behind the foot of the opponent. This can be used to catch players off guard.

Banda (Ban-da)

The banda is a very strong takedown and used when both players know what they’re doing. It’s performed with a player catching the other’s leg in mid kick, moving inside and sweeping out their ground leg. It’s definitely not a takedown that’s used lightly. These takedowns can be used in all kinds of situations in the roda. However make sure you know what you’re doing and the other player knows how to take them or someone may get hurt.

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