Neck Stretches

What’s the most important thing in the capoeira roda?

Your partner!

Neck stretches allow you to flexibly keep an eye on the other person no matter where you’re facing.

Use these simple stretches before training and keep your head in the right direction…

Rotation Stretches

These are neck stretches that involve movement or rotation of your neck. They’re excellent for ensuring smooth motion wherever you turn your head. I normally do 10 – 20 rotations per stretch.

  • Head Turns - Turn your head to face as far left as possible. From there turn your head right as far as possible. Keep turning left and right for the duration of this stretch.
  • Head Tilts - Start by tilting your head as much as possible so you try to touch your left ear to your left shoulder. Switch directions and repeat for the right side. Switch back and forth for the remainder of the stretch.
  • Head Nods - Bend your neck down to touch your chin to your chest. Reverse directions and bend your neck as far back as possible, facing up. Repeat for the rest of the stretch.
  • Neck Rotation - Start rotating your neck in a full circle. Begin with your chin to your chest and rotate until back down to your chest. Here reverse the rotation, making a full circle to the other side, ending with your chin to your chest. Rotate back and forth for the duration of the stretch.

Static Stretches

Static neck stretches increase the range of motion of your neck. They let you turn your head further in all directions. I normally hold these stretches for 20 seconds a piece.

  • Tilt Stretch - Tilt your head so that you try to touch your shoulder to your ear. Use your arm to pull your head closer to your shoulder and hold. Repeat for the other side.
  • Head Down - Bend your neck down so that your chin touches your chest. Use your hands to pull down on the back of your head and pull it closer to your chest. Hold it to stretch.
  • Head Up - Bend your neck back as far as possible. Place your hands under your chin and push up to bend your neck farther back. Hold to stretch.

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